How to take care of ticks on your dog

Learn more about the risks, and the right ways to check for and remove adult ticks.

Tick prevention methods

The various tick prevention methods available to dog owners.

Can tick prevention treatments be harmful?

Can tick treatments be harmful? Are home remedies effective? And are there products that can work on both dogs and livestock?

The types of ticks

What are the types of ticks that you’ll find on dogs?

The life cycle of a tick

Ticks can transmit tick bite fever during all three phases of their life cycle.

Does your dog have tick fever?

The early and later signs of tick fever, as well as the necessary treatments.

The effect of ticks and tick treatments on humans

What are the effects of tick treatments on humans?

What happens if you leave ticks untreated for extended periods?

The repercussions if ticks are left unchecked.

How important is a healthy diet when treating tick bite fever?

The importance of a nutritious, balanced diet in supporting your dog’s immune system.